Europe as a new hotspot for e-mobility?

Europe as a new hotspot for e-mobility?

With Espen Hauge, president of AVERE
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As China cuts financial support, Europe will become a
hotspot for e-mobility in 2020. According to analysts, 2.5 million electric
cars will be sold worldwide. Cheaper batteries, more charging stations and an
increase in sales of electric cars - the analysts from Bloomberg-NEF, which
specializes in electric mobility, have published their forecasts for 2020.
According to these forecasts, 2.5 million electric cars will be sold worldwide
in the current year. Growth is particularly strong in Europe, which is set to
become the new hotspot for electromobility. The number of electric cars sold in
Europe is expected to increase by 60 percent to 800,000, according to Bloomberg

So is Europe now the new hotspot for electric mobility?
Espen Hauge, president of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, AVERE
provides the answers.

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