Audio Insights to yoga and plant based low carb (#16)

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How yoga can benefit your well being von Julia Joseph

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Alyssa Soukup is a type 1 yoga instructor from Minnesota USA, following the low carb, plant based, gluten, dairy, and grain free diet She feels physically and mentally more healthy and would continue eating this way even if there would be a cure for T1D!

We also speak about:

trendy yoga practice in the west

spirituality and yoga

breathing techniques to reduce anxiety

benefits of yoga on health and T1D


1. Take a yoga class! Alyssa created a online yoga class, which is available for you to watch and practise at home to hopefully keep stress levels and BG low. 

2. I also created a list summarising some studied health benefits of yoga called “The 11 Health Benefits of Yoga” to improve overall well being for type ones, nones and all other types.

You can find the online yoga class and the “The 11 Health Benefits of Yoga” on my blogcast!

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