Energy Storage in Brazil – Prospects and Challenges

Energy Storage in Brazil – Prospects and Challenges

25 Minuten
Für und mit den Machern der neuen Energiewelt (For and With Creators of the New Energy World)


vor 1 Jahr

Renewable energies are gaining in importance due to rising
electricity tariffs, falling equipment cost, and partially also due to changes
in rainfall patterns that affect reservoirs of large hydropower plants,
especially in Northeastern Brazil. Many private individuals, SMEs, but also the
agricultural sector are looking for cheaper alternatives to self-supply through
solar energy. In part significant hurdles are again posing challenges for
market entry in Brazil. A distinction must be made between structural obstacles
and cyclical difficulties. But what exactly do they look like? In this podcast episode, Markus Vlasits, director of NewCharge Energy, will take a look at the prospects and the challenges of energy storage in Brazil.

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