DAY 13: Melanie Myers - Digital Marketing, Reinvention & Meditation during the Pandemic

DAY 13: Melanie Myers - Digital Marketing, Reinvention & Meditation during the Pandemic

I am thrilled to introduce my fabulous guest and …
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I am thrilled to introduce my fabulous guest and beautiful friend, Melanie Myers of Myers Events & Marketing and - on episode 13 of my crossover podcast "Hustle & Heart Podcast with Melissa Rush" and "GOING VIRAL: Staying Sane, Healthy & Connected during the Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020."

Melanie has been creating successful events for nonprofit and social clients for over a decade in the Greater Boston area. With many high profile clients in the sports & entertainment arena...she is the Go-To Gal for fundraising events! She is a truly dedicated member of her community and is always there to support a charity or meaningful cause, and lend a helping hand. Due to the challenging time for the live events industry, Melanie has shifted her attention to Katama Bay, a web design & digital marketing firm with business partner Chuck Meredith, near Boston, MA. They strive to add value to small and medium-sized businesses by increasing and maintaining their online presence through search-optimized design and targeted marketing, web design, brand awareness, organic and paid search, and social media management. During the pandemic, she advises all of her clients (such as restaurants and other services) to get COVID-19 safety certified (cleaning, screening forms, etc), reinvent themselves, consider new offerings and services (remote, Zoom, etc.), get organized, and update websites and photos of the business while they have this time.

Wellness, self-care and physical fitness (she's in great shape, people!) are her cornerstones to keeping sane, healthy and positive during this time in quarantine with her husband Billy (my not-so-secret crush!) and her 2 adorable kids. Melanie recently started meditating with the help of the Oprah & Deepak Chopra app...which has given her a newfound balance, sense of calm and focus. She highly recommends we take that quiet time for ourselves to slow down, appreciate our lives and connect our bodies and souls.

**Please Note: The opinions expressed in this podcast are my own and my guest's own. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call 911 or consult your doctor.**

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