Merchant PV conquers the European electricity market

Merchant PV conquers the European electricity market

26 Minuten
Für und mit den Machern der neuen Energiewelt (For and With Creators of the New Energy World)


vor 1 Jahr

For quiet some years already Photovoltaic has been very
cost-efficient as means of energy production. So with this episode, we wanna
looking at the potential of the business models that haven´t been feasable
before. We´re going to talk about Merchant PV, about Power Purchase Agreements
(PPA) and also of course which countries are specially interesting when it
comes to Merchant PV.

The german Solar Association (BSW-Solar e.V.) and enervis just recently
worked on a report about Merchant PV in germany. Our guests for this episode: David Wedepohl, Managing Director International Affairs (BSW) and Benedikt
Ziegert, Consultant (enervis energy advisors GmbH).

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