Gemeinsam statt Einsam #9

Gemeinsam statt Einsam #9

How is the Corona situation in other countries? This week: Corona and the UK


vor 2 Jahren
Corona does not care about borders. Since the virus started to spread all over Europe and the world, news reports covered all kinds of different measures being taken in different countries. Some of them are similar, some are very different. Victoria lives in Birmingham, England and talked to us about life in the UK right now.

Highlights of the episode:

We discovered places to expore in our neighbourhood. (12:44)

The other thing thats affecting people is the number of doctors, nurses and care workers who not just become ill but died. ( 19:17)

Stay home. Stay safe and protect the NHS (22:18)

Its gonna have a longtermin impact in that lots of people have found out that its much easier to work from home and communicate effectivly. (23:50)

The thing with working from home is that people find it a lot easier, they are getting a lot of time back in their day (28:10)

At the moment my biggest thing personally is we have got tickets to go to NZ for christmas to see my mother and my sister and we have got no idea if we gonna be able to go (31:33)

I wonder how people will have the confidence to go out. (36:35)

Our borders aren't closed (42:00)

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