#45 Soul Purpose, Paradigme Shifts & Magic - Conversation with Violetta Pleshakova

#45 Soul Purpose, Paradigme Shifts & Magic - Conversation with Violetta Pleshakova


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Violetta Pleshakova is a paradigm shifter, spiritual mentor, leadership coach, and Alchemical Priestess at Temple of Starfire – the space where ancient wisdom meets modern magic. She is a co-founder of The Firepower Group – a company dedicated to creating courageous conscious leaders.
Violetta holds a PhD in cultural studies and has been leading personal development programs on three continents, with participants from over 30 countries, for nearly a decade.
Violetta’s work is powered by the mission of helping rising leaders connect with their wisdom, come alive in their power, and walk boldly in their divine destiny.
As a true citizen of the world, Violetta divides her time between Berlin, South Africa, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Southern France.

The modern day technique makes it possible to interview people from all over the world.
Violetta and Wanda met many years ago in Bali - where Wanda actually met many of her magical friends she shares with you here in this podcast.

In this episode Wanda and Violetta speak about how we are all called right now, with a sense of urgency, to step into our purpose and be of service to this world.
They touch upon important topics and questions such as: What is the soul? How to find our souls purpose, what is a paradime shift and what does that mean to our world right now?
How important it is to take self responsibility into our spirituality in order to ground it into this world, and how we can follow our inner guidance even more.

This Conversation was recorded during the corona time lockdown via Zoom while Violetta was in Johannesburg and Wanda in Germany.
You also can find a recorded video version of this conversion on Wanda’s Youtube Channel: Wanda Badwal Yoga, if you are keen to also see their faces during this talk.

This episode is truly one of Wanda’s absolute favorites so far as it touches upon so many important and inspiring topics. We hope it will benefit you greatly.
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FInd Violetta’s work here:

Violetta Pleshakova
Spiritual Mentor | Paradigm Shifter


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