#43 Finding Inspiration & Happiness - Conversation with Light Watkins

#43 Finding Inspiration & Happiness - Conversation with Light Watkins


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Wanda is super happy to introduce you to this weeks podcast guest: her dear friend Light Watkins.
Light Watkins is a vedic meditation teacher, speaker and bestselling author. He has been practicing and teaching meditation since 1998. That's over 20 years of practice - wow! He has also taught thousands of people to meditate, from grandmothers to dentists to people whose movies you’ve seen and music you’ve listened to.
Light travels the world giving talks on happiness, mindfulness, and meditation, as well as leading trainings and retreats.

In this podcast you will learn about Light’s personal path towards meditation. He clarifies for us what Vedic meditation actually means, and the benefits of a regular meditation practice on our health and stress level.
He also shares with us why uncertainty is one of his personal daily routines. Wanda and Light speak about the importance of finding our purpose and life’s mission in order to contribute and give back to this world.
Enjoy this conversation with the amazing: Light Watkins.

You will hear and learn about:

- Light Watkins history and his path to meditation
- What vedic meditation actually means
- Meditation as the best health prevention
- The importance of finding your purpose and your mission in life
- Light shares with us his personal routines
- Why it's not good to get too comfortable
- Giving back - Contribution to the world, asking yourself the question: What am I contributing to this world?

3 things Light Watkins would like to tell the world:
- Meditate!
- The answers are all inside of you
- Move into the unknown, this is the safest place you can go to

Get in touch with Light Watkins, find his work & follow him here:

Website: http://www.lightwatkins.com
Instagram: @lightwatkins
Newsletter: Subscribe to Light’s daily and weekly inspirational emails.

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