Audio RobotSpaceship Podcast Episode #10 – (All English) Mindfulness

RobotSpaceship Podcast27.03.20 16:59 Uhr

In this all-English episode of the RobotSpaceship… von The RobotSpaceship Podcast

Dauer: 00:12:11 In this all-English episode of the RobotSpaceship, Sean talks about some key action items that can help in coping with the current Coronavirus situation both for our business and our personal lives. He also talks about an inspiring book on mindfulness he is reading called "Good Morning, I Love You" by Shauna Shapiro, which was given to him by his wife. At RobotSpaceship, we understand that due to the sensitivity of the current Conavirus crisis and the timing of this release, there are a lot of businesses and jobs that are facing difficulties right now. As a result, we want our listeners to know that this podcast is a resource. We want to use it as a way to draw attention to innovative businesses, products, services and (future) events that deserve the attention and need visibility right now. Together we can get through this. Show Notes: Good Morning, I Love You" by Shauna Shapiro Social Distancing Logos Das Digitale Sofa - Oli's other podcast. Today’s Sponsor This episode is sponsored by KEMWEB – offering full-service, digital media, marketing, video production and consulting services to help you grow your digital business. Kemweb offers a number of workshop packages for small and large companies on the topic of Digital Transformation, Trend Reporting, Agile Methodologies, Corporate Sustainability & Marketing. For more info, go to: Subscribe and Follow! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you don”t miss all the weekly episodes. We are currently on Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. You can also follow us on all the relevant social media channels. We are on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & LinkedIn
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