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Wow Wow Wow! Giorgia is not only FABULOUS but al… von Sophia

Dauer: 01:04:36 Wow Wow Wow! Giorgia is not only FABULOUS but also my astrologer, an akashic records reader and a super inspirational Businesswoman. Last year she read my birth chart, and it helped me sooooo so much. I am super excited to have her as a guest on the show. We talk about * The Business of Spirituality & Spirituality in Business * How she nurtures, grows and expands her Business, Door of Lotus * Astrologie of course: Astrology today and tomorrow and the history of astrology * MONEY * Sexuality & Astrology Listen to the end to hear the live-reading of the natal chart of Aufhören der Podcast. Because not only humans but also projects have an astrological chart, isn't that craaaazyyy?! Drop me a message if you feel called to do so. Instagram: @so2theflow Get a reading with Giorgia, join one of her workshops or gift a reading to your mum. Here is Giorgia's Website: Follow "Door of Lotus" on Facebook for the latest workshop offers:
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