Audio Following The Inner Voice - Jessie Sanbrook - part 1 of 2

Soul Space Podcast22.06.19 12:53 Uhr

What can happen if you follow your path. von Max Schwindt

Dauer: -17544:00:00 She decided to follow her heart and move to Berlin. A city where she would be alone, without family and friends. A city that would cost her longterm relationship to end. No one waited for her in Berlin, no one asked her to come. She didn't even know the language. But she had this idea, this little voice that told her that something brilliant would be waiting for her there. I want you to meet Jessie Sanbrook, one of the most smiliest, vibrant and fascinating human beeings I've ever met. For me, she is the best example of what can happen if you follow your heart. If you follow your dream. Even if it means taking a big risk and leaving everything behind. There is no dream without sacrifice. Fast forward a year since arriving in Germany, and she’s now established The Design Kids Berlin community (with over 700 participants), successfully running her own business in Graphic Design and Illustration, and traveling the world. What I really want to know, is how she did it. How she overcame the sometimes paralysing fear of starting a new life and do "what the heart is telling you". We dive into discussion about creativity and what tools she’s discovering and using to overcome blockages, to overcome this fear of “not beeing good or talented enough” that all of us experience sometimes.
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