Audio OSR170 Don’t Leave It To Google! – Research Infrastructures [EN]

Open Science Radio Podcast07.06.19 21:57 Uhr

Peter Kraker about the Don't leave it to Google! campaign, research infrastructures and Open Knowledge Maps von Matthias Fromm

Dauer: 01:00:30 One of the aspects that continuously pops up in our discussions is the research infrastructure. Hence, it was about time that we make it a topic of its own and we're glad that we could win Peter Kraker as a guest for this topic. Peter is well-known in the Open Science communicator, as a researcher but also as the founder and chairman of Open Knowledge Maps, a web-service that provides a visual interface for the exploration of scientific topics through publications. In addition, he is active in several organizations and initiatives dealing with research infrastructure and research data management, such as GO FAIR. With the launch of Google's dataset search service last year he started the Don't leave it to Google! campaign. In this episode we're talking about the campaign, the overarching concept of research architectures and the Open Knowledge Maps as a specific example. Have fun!
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