Staffel 3 - Folge 7

Staffel 3 - Folge 7

Raus aus der Stadt, rein ins Dunkle


vor 4 Jahren
"The worlds are something like remote planets; except that most of them are much bigger than mere planets, and they are not remote. Neither are they nearby. They are not at any spatial distance whatever from here. They are not far in the past or future, nor for that matter near; they are not at any temporal distance whatever from now. They are isolated: there are no spatiotemporal relations at all between things that belong to different worlds. Nor does anything that happens at one world cause anything to happen at another. Nor do they overlap; they have no parts in common, with the exception, perhaps, of immanent universals exercising their characteristic privilege of repeated occurrence." (David K. Lewis, On the Plurality of Worlds)
Prof. Dr. Arezo Palevi: Rahel Meister


Twitter: @cluewriting

Fink: Fabio Ghelli
Oberkommissar Nordmann: H.K. Dewitt

Mehr von H.K. Dewitt: Hades/Tlmea

Der heutige Song: "Elysian Pleasures" von CarpetMehr Musik von Carpet:

Artwork: Gianluca Romano

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vor 3 Jahren

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