Audio #42 Get Used to the U-Bahn Squeeze

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#42 Get Used to the U-Bahn Squeeze

Dauer: 00:05:38 The U-Bahn announcement about "trains running at irregular intervals" is becoming quite regular. Passenger numbers are up by 20% in the past decade, while carriage numbers are falling. Replacement trains won't be ready until 2021. How safe is your restaurant? Berlin health authorities handed out warnings to 26% of the eateries it inspected last year. In Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, the failure rate was 50%. But most passed after a second inspection. Low-grade cannabis is on sale in Berlin spaetkaufs. It's not real weed, but rather the leaves from hemp plants grown for producing textiles, with low levels of THC and CBD. Police will have to decide if the loophole is legal. Berlin Tierpark has another new baby polar bear. The last one, named Fritz, died after just 26 days. Zoologists think a mouse may have infected him with a virus. Did you know Radio Spaetkauf also produces monthly hour-long live shows? You can hear them by subscribing to our other podcast feed. Searching for Radio Spaetkauf (without umlauts) in your podcast catcher. Or simply click here and subscribe: This show was presented by Joel Dullroy and Daniel Stern, and brought to you by RadioEins. Thanks for listening in 2018!
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