Audio #046: How to sleep better while traveling with Kelly Starrett

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#046: How to sleep better while traveling with Kelly Starrett

During the Functional Training Summit in Munich, I had the opportunity to check in once again with the mobility coach and physical therapist Kelly Starrett. I first met Kelly at the Bulletproof Conference a couple of years ago and ever since, I've seen him at multiple occasions and also had the opportunity to work out in his crossfit box in San Francisco right underneath the Golden Gate bridge.

Dr. Kelly Starrett is one of the most influential coaches in the areas of mobility and functional fitness working with olympians, world-class athletes, the military and high performers from various different fields.

In this episode, Kelly and I discuss the status of the German fitness scene, which routines he has on a plane, how he hacks his sleep in hotel rooms and which valuable advice he received from professional surfer Laird Hamilton.


Show Notes
01:00 - Kelly's favorite German words
02:15 - Why Kelly loves German bread
03:45 - On the development of the German fitness scene
09:30 - Why the young generation of athletes is better equipped
12:30 - Kelly's methods for healthier traveling
17:30 - How many hours do athletes need to sleep
20:30 - Why Kelly loves the ice

If you are buying bread that's someone Oma made, that's food, that's fermented, that's beautiful.
There is a generation of kids who've grown up power cleaning and swinging kettlebells.
We are not designed to get on an airplane and fly somewhere.
When I get off the plane, I don't to go to the gym, I walk.
That beer is gonna mess up your sleep.
Our recommendation for athletes is 9 to 10 hours of sleep.
No phones in the bedroom.

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