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EFD 057 - Hobbys

Dialog: Michael: So Danny, what do you do in your spare time? Do you play any sports? Danny: I used to play golf. Now I’m more interested in polo. It’s a similar game, but I can play it sitting down. And the ball is bigger. What about you? Michael: Well, I played tennis for a while, but then I got injured. Danny: Tennis elbow? Michael: No, I walked in front of a ball cannon. Danny: Ouch! Michael: Yes. It was probably for the best, though. Because then I discovered my real passion: collecting vintage beer cans. Danny: Much safer. Michael: Indeed. What about you, Chris. Do you have any hobbies? Chris: Nothing quite that thrilling, I’m afraid. I like mountain climbing. Danny: In England? Chris: Of course. You can see France from the South Downs on a clear day. Michael: Do you use any ropes on your way up? Chris: No, I drive as far as possible, park the car and walk the rest of the way. Michael: Excellent. Who wants another ice cream sundae? I’m buying! Vokabeln: spare time - Freizeit (auch leisure time oder free time) ball cannon - Ballkanone injure - verletzen injury - Verletzung passion - Leidenschaft vintage - alt can - Dose thrilling - aufregend mountain climbing - Bergsteigen rope - Seil sundae - Eisbecher Populäre Hobbys: Cycling: Radfahren Hiking: Wandern Gardening: Gärtnern Sailing: Segeln Skiing: Skifahren Skydiving: Fallschirmspringen Dancing: Tanzen Martial Arts: Kampfsport Fishing: Angeln Paintballing Skateboarding Trainspotting Cooking
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