Audio NoTalkRadio #19: 2nd Street - Lana Martino-Smith - The Fire Apes - Mowatt - Stefan Leoson

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NoTalkRadio #19: 2nd Street - Lana Martino-Smith - The Fire Apes - Mowatt - Stefan Leoson

... mit einem Intro von Judd Harris von Visible From Space (aus NoTalkRadio #14).

2nd Street: Every Sucker
Soul, no Bling and great Hooks: 2nd Street is a new Scandinavian rnb act counting singer Ilang Lumholt and producer Thomas Stengaard, both currently situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. All songs on their website have been written, produced and performed by 2nd Street in their 3 room apartment. While paying their respects to legends such as Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Johnny Guitar Watson, 2nd Street is also greatly influenced by today's Urban and Electronic Scene, combining catchy Urban grooves with clever songwriting and provocative lyrics. Providing a new sound as well as a new attitude in the game of RnB/Soul, 2nd Street takes the scene down that other road where diamonds don't make you shine, but where it's about making your way through the real world... | garageband/2ndstreet | myspace/2ndstreet

Lana Martino-Smith: Cinderella Sings the Blues
Cinderella Sings the Blues is the debut EP from Australian blues songstress Lana Martino-Smith. Drawing inspiration from performers such as Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright and Billie Holiday, Cinderella Sings the Blues is punctuated by the moaning guitar work of blues guru Dave McGuire and driven by a hypnotic rhythm section comprised of some of Australia's best jazz/blues specialists. Add to the mix Lana's sometimes sweet, sometimes guttural vocal performance and the result is blues with both grit and sparkle. | garageband/lanamartinosmith | myspace/lanamartinosmith

The Fire Apes: If Things Don't Look So Good Today
From Charleston, SC, The Fire Apes' lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, and bassist, John Seymour, often writes metaphorically about love, and relationships using literary references, musically framed with melodic hooks. His music and words can elicit feelings that range from joy and happiness to commiseration and longing. The feel of the music is most commonly considered to be reminiscent of such bands as The Beatles, Green Day, Oasis, The Kinks, and The Pretenders. The Fire Apes understand what the British pop invasion was about and yet transcend the past and merge it with the future. Following their debut CD, "A Perfect Day for Bananafish", and their critically acclaimed sophomore effort, "Central Park Carousel", The Fire Apes have recently completed a new self-titled EP. The melody driven songs that have been the hallmark of The Fire Apes have become a bit more edgy and contemporary. | garageband/thefireapes | myspace/thefireapes | |

Mowatt: Soul of my heart (remix)
Mac, Nick, Lillie, Logan and Jacob we love you. for more on amanda wilkins, see coming soon, muic and photography from New Market Productions at, featuring Ricky and Amanda Wilkins, Mowatt, Rick Harris Jr. and Joel Colors.

Stefan Leoson: My, Oh My
For a long time Stefan has been making music playing in different bands and different genres. After winning two competitions on the swedish Radio (national P3 and local p4) Stefan decided it was time to take the step. The step to making a solo album. Stefan started writing and recording in his own studio during summer 2005 and by spring 2006 the album was finished. Eleven songs all written, played, sung and recorded by Stefan himself. The album is called "Pennies and heartaches" and most of the songs are about being in your thirties and having a family with children. The style has been described as "anglosaxian melancholy with nordic warmth" by the press. | garageband/stefanleoson | myspace/stefanleoson |

Stay tuned.
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