Audio NoTalkRadio #16: Someday Company - Sepiamusic - Jazmin Sky - Cordafonia - PTheory

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NoTalkRadio #16: Someday Company - Sepiamusic - Jazmin Sky - Cordafonia - PTheory einem Intro von Elmer Ferrer (aus NoTalkRadio #6).

Someday Company: Breathing In
In a conversation about how we would describe our sound, someone once said to us "You either sound like The Beatles or U2, so which one is it..." Sure, in one sense every band is individual and unique,like a fingerprint. But, in another sense, it?s impossible for us to escape the artists who have created the context in which we make music. All of us musicians can point to a handful of other bands and artists that have shaped our tastes, preferences, and subsequently, our sound. It?s likely, if we?re honest, that those are the bands we sound like. | myspace/somedaycompany | garageband/somedaycompany |

Sepiamusic: Prototype
In september 1999, Michael Adler Miltersen and Erin Chapman formed Sepia in Copenhagen, Denmark. All tracks have been written, produced and recorded in a home studio located in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen.
Hier ein kurzes "Making Of"-Video zu Prototype; mehr davon gibts bei YouTube: | myspace/sepiamusic | garageband/sepiamusic |

Jazmin Sky: American Lie
As a songwriter, Jazmín?s music reflects her various influences: old-school R&B and funk, certainly, but also traditional and acid jazz, blues, salsa, hip-hop, gospel and neo-soul. Besides the aforementioned R&B legends, other musical role models include Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, and Aretha Franklin as well as more recent artists like Erykah Badu, Rachelle Ferrell, D?Angelo, Maxwell and Me?shell N?dgeocello ... weiter | garageband/jazminsky |

Cordafonia: Dreamland
Cordafonia wallows unashamedly in a rich, multi-layered blend of luxurious harmony, string orchestras, electronica and musique concrete, sweeping lyrical melody and detailed production. | garageband/cordafonia

PTheory: She Is The Freak Of My Dreams
Based in Chester (UK) Alex and Graham founded PTheory with the sole purpose of creating original music using the same basic ingredients that their heroes had used. So the lid came off and the probes went in on the Band of Gypsies, Funkadelic and all the other black rock / funk acts of the golden era of music. The sounds were analysed and the playing pulled apart until all the basic ingredients were detailed and understood. This focus and drive eventually lead PTheory to the home of the original funk Plainfield, New Jersey and the legendary Kevin Goins band leader of Quazar and General Kane. | myspace/ptheory | garageband/ptheory

Stay tuned.
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