Audio NoTalkRadio #6: Puce Wallpaper | All Day Sucker | Artemis | Elmer Ferrer | Cromwell

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NoTalkRadio #6: Puce Wallpaper | All Day Sucker | Artemis | Elmer Ferrer | Cromwell

Puce Wallpaper: Walking On Grass
Newcastle, there's lots of strange stuff there. Strange as PuceWallpaper. The sound of sixties-folk-punk-fusion with added scones. Three guys making a loud noise, that about sums up PuceWallpaper. In many ways, we're eighties throwbacks but we wear our sixties influences on our sleeves. Our music is indie, pop or maybe it just defies labels. Think of us as the happy Smiths or the Housemartins without the social conscience. Not so much the Who, as the what. | podsafeaudio

All Day Sucker: Heavy Weather
As musicians, we use the framework of pop music aesthetics to make pop music wonderful, be it through song structure, melody or harmonies, All Day Sucker singer Morty Coyle states. We've been praying at the altar of pop music our entire lives. Now we're ready to take our place in the church. | garageband | myspace |

Artemis: Fountain Of Life
Breathing a rich dose of soul into the cool digital world, electronica artist Artemis brews up seductive sonic concoctions, deftly weaving poetry and pure emotion into psychoacoustic landscapes pulsing with both otherworldly and organic life. With her roots in classical and folk music, training in vocal traditions from several corners of the globe, and an ear for innovation, Artemis puts electronic music's limitless spectrum to bold use.
Bei Magnatune gibts übrigens ein Live-Video von Artemis. | garageband | magnatune | CD bei Magnatune |

Elmer Ferrer: El Mar no descansa
The Elmer Ferrer Band is led by guitarist Elmer Ferrer who currently lives in Havana. Elmer is one of the most active studio musicians in Cuba. Elmer has played at the Tokyo Jazz fest, has toured South America playing to crowds in excess of 90,000 and has played many european festivals as sideman for a number of Cuban musicians.
Und hier gehts zum Interview mit Elmer Ferrer. | garageband | CD

Cromwell: Everythings gone
Located about 50 miles east of Los Angeles CA in the quaint little town of Rialto. The quartet known as Cromwell reside creating a special blend of melody mixed with poetry and emotion. At times hopeful and at times resentful yet still maintaining a fair balance in mood. | garageband | myspace

Ich möchte euch noch auf Normans neuen Video-Podcast aufmerksam machen: Music Pod Vision. MusicPodVision ist ein internationales Projekt, welches begleitende Videoanimationen für vorhandene Podsafe Music kreiert, heißt es dort. Das Projekt und die Homepage sind noch im Entstehen, aber der Trailer kann sich echt sehen lassen:

Bin sehr gespannt, wie das weitergeht. Stay tuned.
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