Audio NoTalkRadio #3: Bristow - telos - Taxi Doll - Flavor

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NoTalkRadio #3: Bristow - telos - Taxi Doll - Flavor

Bristow: Downtown
Originating as a jam band in the halls of Oklahoma State University, this group of talented musicans quickly rose to be reguarded as the next big thing across college campuses. bristow is known for having not just incredible songs but incredible musicians. | garageband

telos: Open Your Eyes
Some of California's best musicians - players for various top commercial artists - coming together to play a new song writer's material: a combination of styles, a jazz-influenced R&B/soul. ?We are working with contemporary grooves, but with more melody, a more vocals-intensive style, multiple musical sections, over funky grooves.? | garageband |

Taxi Doll: Look At What You Get
Named after the bouncy dolls seen in back of Taxi cabs, Taxi Doll was formed in 2004 to bridge the gap between pop rock and electronic music. Inspired by a mix of Garbage meets The Chemical Brothers meets Blondie, people often refer to the sound as ?Rocktronica?. ?We want to make edgy rock music that people can dance to,?. | garageband | CD bei Amazon |

Flavor: Secret Solution
While doomsayers lay dying in wait for the next 15-minute imposters to affirm their worst fears about rock-n-roll?s imminent demise, Minnesota?s FLAVOR are daring to spread hope among the masses. Hitting countless venues throughout the upper-Midwest, they?re taking audiences on a crusade far beyond the clichéd confines of reality TV culture, yet still managing to clock in infectious, hook-heavy songs at a tidy three-and-a-half minutes. | garageband |

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