Audio NoTalkRadio #4: Mojoe | Acapulco Soundlab | Matt Lambiase | TBTSTW | Cockeyed Junior

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NoTalkRadio #4: Mojoe | Acapulco Soundlab | Matt Lambiase | TBTSTW | Cockeyed Junior

Mojoe: Yesterday
So many artists claim to be the 'next big thing', but very few up and coming artists offer the public anything original, new, or worth calling classic. MOJOE is the exception. In an industry filled with clones, MOJOE has created a sound that is unique and rare. Their music is jazzy and full of live instrumentation. Their lyrics are poetic yet worldly. Their delivery is sharp and confident. Their band is exceptional and their stage show is mind-blowing. | garageband

Acapulco Soundlab: Wheels Go By
In the summer of 1993 I brought home my first professional synthesizer, a Yamaha SY-35. It wasn?t what you?d call impressive as musical instruments go, but to me it was a door to what would become a whole new world of music. A year later I added an ASR-10 sampler and I was ready to make some serious music. Over the years my musical tastes have become as varied as one can imagine ranging from ambient, reggae, trip-hop and latin. | garageband

Matt Lambiase: Better
After performing as a trumpet player in NYC during the 1990?s, Matt began writing a few years ago and started singing at the encouragement of guitarist-writer-producer (and close friend), James Katz. More than two years of playing, writing and recording went into Matt's first solo effort "Better,? a 5-song EP in which he probes the depths of human relationships. | garageband

The Band That Saved The World: Scarlet Witch
Since 1996 the Band That Saved the World has consistently presented an entertaining, lively show of original music. Blending such influences as rock, funk, soul, and pop, the band delivers a surprising mix of danceable, eclectic tunes that are designed to make you groove. | garageband |

Cockeyed Junior: Getaway
After co-founding Sacramento bands Nothing, Mama's Gravy and SupaPhat, singer/songwriter Ken Rudulph and guitarist/drummer Victor Valena decided to collaborate on the funk/rock/blues project Cockeyed Jr. The two became friends during a six month stint as members of the Sacramento super group PhatMama, before deciding to combine their talents and write songs to "see how she flies".

Ganz klar: Fünf Songs sind besser als vier. ;-) Ich hab mir jetzt mal vorgenommen, jede Woche eine Folge mit fünf Songs zu machen, die immer freitags um 12.00 Uhr erscheint. Einverstanden?
Ansonsten möchte ich euch noch auf den Pat Metheny Group Podcast aufmerksam machen: Website, Feed, iTunes. Für Fans (wie mich) natürlich Pflicht.
Schreibt mir was ihr denkt, per Mail an Markus (at) NoTalkRadio (.) de oder hier in die Kommentare. Stay tuned.
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