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Learn Swahili with the WorldNomads Swahili Language Guide

Have you ever been stuck in a country wanting to be polite, but not even knowing the word for 'please'? Or been frustrated when you couldn't ask for the most basic directions to where you're going?

The World Nomads Swahili PLUS Language Guide is an iPhone application that contains:

  • More than 550 Swahili spoken phrases for under $2 USD with phonetic text translation and Swahili characters

  • Expanded sections including: on introductions, basics, numbers, dates, accommodation, transport, food and eating, health & more

  • New fun sections on: shopping, flirting, at the bar and working holidays... all the fun stuff!

  • 17 minute language lesson: in a conversational format with a local that features basic phrases and cultural tips

Available on the iTunes App store for less than $2 USD Our FREE Swahili language guides to download

If you just want the basics, try these on for size:

Audio guide for any mp3 player or computer - FREE!
Contains: 17 min language lesson.
Suitable for: iPod, Blackberry or any device able to play an mp3 file
: MP3 file, Size: 12.6 MB
Free iPhone App
Contains: 17 min language lesson, 230+ phrases
Suitable for
: an iPhone or iPod touch
: Size: 13.7 MB, link goes to iTunes App Store

#1 free language Apps for iPhone

Over 2 million people have downloaded our audio language guides and now these great resources for travellers have been rebuilt for the iPhone too. We're proud to say that MSNBC recently rated the language guide series the #1 freebi language App for iPhones. See their review here

Other languages in the series

These are just some of the 25 languages available. See whole the range

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