Generally I educate when I have the capacity to, but I also know that just because of what I look like my body is already politicized, so I know I'm already either provoking or educating somebody just by existing. And it's not my choice.
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4 weeks ago
Throughout the last decade, Lotic has carved out a space of her own
in Berlin's nightlife. After relocating from Texas in the early
2010s, she became affiliated with the Janus Collective, notorious
in the capital for their pop-leaning club aesthetics that
challenged the purist sounds of the local techno scene. Acclaimed
EPs like Heterocetera and Agitations and remix commissions for none
other than Björk followed before Lotic released her debut album
Power in 2018. While her club music career was taking off, she
broadened her artistic scope to soundtracking fashion collections,
dance ensembles, solidifying her position in the contemporary avant
garde. Exploring themes of fluidity, love, loss, and embracing
impermanence, her sophomore album Water arrives this week via
Houndstooth. Lotic spoke on the Telekom Electronic Beats about her
journey so far, the complex symbolism of water for Black Americans,
her thoughts on being categorized as a "political artist," and much

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